Apollo Quartet

Not your typical quartet!


The Apollo Quartet posesses a unique twist from most traditional string groups; each member plays two or more instruments, ranging from violin to bass. Music repoitore spans from popular music such as Clocks from Coldplay to classical music from the likes of Vivaldi and Beethoven.

The Apollo Quartet, formed in 2012, was composed of Adelle, Marisa, Kyle, and Mackenzie (left to right).  Adelle left the group in early 2015, and Apollo is now a trio.  We are happy to accept engagements throughout the Hudson Valley.

All dedicated musicians, we, the Apollo Quartet would love to play at your event, making it a special memory that you will be excited to share with your friends.

Adelle (bass, cello)

Marisa (cello, viola, violin)

Kyle (viola, violin)

Mackenzie (cello, viola)